“Meditation and Contact Meeting”

16th, 17th and 18th October, 2015


Results of the Meditation and Contact Meeting held in Cañón de Río Lobos (Soria - Spain) - October, 2015

Meditation and Contact Meeting held in Cañón de Río Lobos (Soria - Spain) - 16<sup>th</sup>, 17<sup>th</sup> and 18<sup>th</sup> October, 2015 Meditation and Contact Meeting held in Cañón de Río Lobos (Soria - Spain) - 16<sup>th</sup>, 17<sup>th</sup> and 18<sup>th</sup> October, 2015 Meditation and Contact Meeting held in Cañón de Río Lobos (Soria - Spain) - 16<sup>th</sup>, 17<sup>th</sup> and 18<sup>th</sup> October, 2015 Meditation and Contact Meeting held in Cañón de Río Lobos (Soria - Spain) - 16<sup>th</sup>, 17<sup>th</sup> and 18<sup>th</sup> October, 2015

On Friday, 16th, we met in San Leonardo de Yagüe, a village very close to the Cañón de Río Lobos, at a hostal that was about to become our meeting centre through that weekend.
Already that afternoon we went to the heart of the canyon, close to the popular Hermitage of San Bartolomé and the Great Cave, where on Saturday night we had an unexpected experience.
During the afternoon we were getting ready for the work planned for the weekend: connecting with our inner world, with the star beings, with the intraterrestrial brotherhood based in Río Lobos, and of course, the energy connection from this sacred place with the energy and power centre in Monte Perdido, as well as the already usual “Work for Peace” for our beloved planet, for humankind and for all the lifeforms that accompany us in this starship called Gaia or Planet Peace*.
Saturday was running normally, among meditations and mantras, with a prepared and dedicated group that facilitated the gradual rising of the energy of the site and of the own group of participants. This is very important when doing such work of meditation and projection.
The first surprise took place at midday.
We had decided to have lunch in the same terrace where we were doing the work. A light lunch, the famous “cheese sandwiches” shared among those gathered there. While we were eating, at a certain distance we saw a kid weaving his arm at us. I could not see his face clearly (I wasn't wearing my glasses) but I thought I knew him and I mentioned this to the others. Then, we realized that some other people were walking behind him, including our beloved family Josep Tomas and Iris Carbonelli, together with their children, some friends from Barcelona and some others we didn't know personally yet but with whom we connected from the heart immediately.
It was a big surprise to have met in Río Lobos. We didn't know that they were also that same weekend doing the work that the Star Beings told them to. That's the way in which THEY, from above, organize the work for humanity at each moment. Nothing is casual; everything serves a major purpose.
Once both groups united, we did a work for Peace in the planet. We wanted to take advantage of the circunstances and of each group's energy for a common cause. After that, we separated again so that each group could continue its working plan.
During the afternoon, after the first mantras, we received the following message from the Great White Intraterrestrial Brotherhood of Río Lobos:

“Dear brothers.
Each time we feel closer to you. We thank you for your work and dedication in these times we share. From the inside of Río Lobos we show ourselves to you full of pride for being able to feel your divine presence.
Thank you from the heart”.

Later, we did the work of linking energetically Río Lobos to Monte Perdido. Both places remained energetically joined and so Río Lobos began to depend energetically from the power centre in Monte Perdido. The intraterrestrial beings in Monte Perdido would manage Río Lobos after this energetic anchoring in order to protect this ancient and sacred site of light.
After this work, that the star beings requested already some months ago, we continued our meditations and mantras. Again, a new communication was coming telepathically. They showed me images of a work to be done in situ, in the Great Cave of Río Lobos. We divided into two groups: one of women and another of men. Casually, we were seven and seven for this work. A key number to open portals. Each group would start entering the cave to sing the sacred mantra OM, first the women and second the men. So we set forth. The evening was becoming night as we started this work indicated by our star brothers.
The women had already started to sing their mantras when a light rain descended over the canyon. The men collected all the equipment from the group and directed ourselves to the entrance of the Great Cave to take refuge from the weather. Meanwhile, the women kept singing mantras.
Once finished, the women came to the entrance of the cave. Then, the men took their turn and walked to the deepest place inside the cave. The whole Cañón de Río Lobos was to vibrate.
Silence was our companion. We began our mantras with the sacred OM. There was total darkness inside the cave, so I decided to keep my eyes open in case something happened.
We had sang already several OMs when I saw lights moving and illuminating the top of the cave, but I thought that maybe the women had turned on a lantern at the entrance of the cave and the light was reaching us, bringing light to its top. Other colleagues also saw it.
After ending our sacred OMs and a brief time of relaxation and silence, I felt we should end that work with the Mantra Zin-Uru, used to open portals between dimensions. I explained it to the rest of the men and started to sing. Almost instantly, the women at the entrance of the cave joined to the singing of the same mantra. It sounded as a “choir of angels”.
Lights kept moving around the cave, as if someone was directing several lanterns to the top. Both men and women ended our mantras and, after some minutes of silence, part of the female group came inside the cave to us; the lights on the top of the cave disappeared. From where we were, in the deepest part of the cave, we saw several lanterns coming to us.
The first question that men and women asked each other was if someone had been keeping the lanterns on during the work. The answer was negative and this experience puzzled all of us since nobody had been using lights inside the cave during the mantras. The women thought it was us, the men, and we thought it was them. So, since nobody from the group had caused that light effect on the top of the cave, there was only to be understood that the lights had been caused by the energy moved when singing the mantras and making the site to vibrate, or that we have been accompanied from the intraterrestrial retreat of Río Lobos, allowing us to be in communion with that magic place.
That was not the only experience we had inside the cave. Some of the colleagues felt the presence of beings around us during the chants. In the end, the work had been accomplished with a good mark and that's what we received through a communication the following day.
The rain that had accompanied us through the chants inside the cave ceased gradually. We ate a bit right there while talking about what happened inside the Great Cave. After the “half-dinner” we felt that whoever wanted could go for a walk at the canyon as he or she pleased. The night still had another surprise for us.
Slowly, the colleagues left the entrance of the cave and went to wherever each one felt. I felt that it was still early to go out for that “walk” at the canyon accompanied by the darkness of the nights and I preferred to stay a bit more in inner silence at the entrance of the cave. It was then that I began to feel the presence of the guides from the stars, but not like other occasions. It was as if some invisible object was pending over the canyon, a subtle presence of our brothers and sisters from the stars. And then it was time to go out for my “private walk”.
I marched alone, alert to everthing around me, walking along the path of the canyon, when I felt some presences. On other occasions, I had felt the guides close to me, but this energy did not correspond to them. The sky was cloudy and there was a strange brightness around.
I decided to walk my steps back and look for someone who could come with me. Then I found my wife Rosa and together we walked the same path I had walked alone before. She felt the same I have some minutes before and the strange brightness was still there.
We came back to the cave and mentioned this to the colleagues who were there at the moment. We decided to go together to the path to consider the situation.
We came closer together. We talked about what happened and some of them also felt the presences and could see that “brightness”. We gave some steps forwards to see closely what was there. Certainly, there were presences in that place, presences like statues, still, motionless, as if we didn't disturb them while walking between them. Something certainly strange. They were not guides, not even elementals. Then I took some distance and sat down in the middle of the path to watch the scene from a bit far.
A few minutes had passed by when I saw a group of horses and riders coming along the same path in which I was sitting. They were Knights Templar. They came riding towards me and my first impulse was to lower my head not to get hurt when they ran above me. I was amazed. What was happening?
Some minutes ago, at the entrance of the cave, I had the feeling I was seeing a wolf passing by but didn't consider it important. So I tuned in again with the site to keep observing those presences and brightness among the trees of the canyon.
I saw again the Knights Templar riding along the path. This time I didn't lower my head and they just passed through, as if it were just mist. I can't say if those were other riders or if it was the same scene repeated.
I began to understand what was happening and talked to my colleagues. Very probably someone had been manipulating energetically the site and therefore the intraterrestrial beings in Río Lobos had to “close” their retreat, as they told us in our last visit to the site in the month of July.
We didn't give more importance to the fact and consider we had witnessed a “paranormal” phenomenon, a vision of two times in a same space. We came back to the cave to depart for the nightrest when the wolf appeared again. Another wolf that, like the Knights Templar, did not belong to our space and time.
The following morning we came back to the canyon to finish our work. We still had pending the “Work for Peace” we do every time we gather on the field. The energy of the canyon had changed from the previous night, although very subtle.
To start with, a relaxation and chanting of mantras, and then we received another message.

“Dear Brother, we greet you from the stars.
Yesterday we were working remote with you. The energy, until you arrive at Río Lobos, was not very positive for us to allow us to descend to the earth with you. Even though each member of the group was adjusted energetically through our technology.
Today, the circunstances have changed. From the stars we thank you for the anchoring work you did yesterday. Today everything is different and we can stay closer to you throughout the day.
Certainly, what Diego saw yesterday are the reflections of past times, a result of a reverb caused by the energies some groups of humans were working with also in Río Lobos with some not well directed purposes.
Now it does not matter what happened but the anchoring and the protection have taken place, and as it was felt clearly last night, the Masters of Monte Perdido will manage this site.
Soon, you will be able to get onto our energetic displacer. There, you will receive new tools and information, some of it codified for future meetings and for the evolution of your lives.
With LOVE, Antarel”.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

“From Monte Perdido we contact you.
Beloved Brother, I am Azuel.
Thank you again for the work done. Anchoring and connection have been undertaken with success”.

We came back to the meditation and projected to the inside of a starship. There, each of us received what was necessary. My wife Rosa and me received indications for a future outgoing for the year 2016. We had been feeling that place within us for some time already but we had not dates until that moment. We both received the date for that future meeting, so we will start with the arrangements. We will keep you informed.
It was midday and the time to close the weekend with the “Work for Peace”. We arranged ourselves in a circle and, as usual, we enclosed in light our world and all the beings that inhabit it. It was not only a work of the group, but also of all those beings that collaborated in this project ot Light, Peace and Love for our world and humankind.
An experience of contacting our inner world, the Cañón de Río Lobos and the intraterrestrial beings that guard this beautiful and mystic place, as well as with the brothers and sisters from the stars, who always accompany us in all our journey as human beings.
After closing the weekend, hugs and farewells. Always looking forward to a new meeting with our beloved friends and brothers.
A hug with love.

Diego Cintas and Rosa Gonzalez

- - - - - - - - - - - -

* - Name received at Monte Perdido during September 21st, 2014, through Antarel, for our new world.

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