(Cuenca - Spain)

“Meditation and Contact Meeting”

23rd, 24th and 25th March, 2018


Results of the Meditation and Contact Meeting held in Ciudad Encantada (Cuenca - Spain) - March 2018

Meditation and Contact Meeting held in Ciudad Encantada (Cuenca - Spain) - 23<sup>rd</sup>, 24<sup>th</sup> and 25<sup>th</sup> March, 2018 Meditation and Contact Meeting held in Ciudad Encantada (Cuenca - Spain) - 23<sup>rd</sup>, 24<sup>th</sup> and 25<sup>th</sup> March, 2018 Meditation and Contact Meeting held in Ciudad Encantada (Cuenca - Spain) - 23<sup>rd</sup>, 24<sup>th</sup> and 25<sup>th</sup> March, 2018 Meditation and Contact Meeting held in Ciudad Encantada (Cuenca - Spain) - 23<sup>rd</sup>, 24<sup>th</sup> and 25<sup>th</sup> March, 2018

On Friday March 23 we arrived at Ciudad Encantada, located in the “Natural Park of the Serranía de Cuenca” (Spain), an ancient and magical energetic enclave, to connect with our inner world and the stars.
Two years ago, the beings of the stars with whom we maintain contact, indicated this enclave as a work point to unite it energetically to Monte Perdido. As you know, for some time now we have been doing these energetic works so that from Monte Perdido, the Intraterrestrial Masters of the White Brotherhood use the energy of these different places linked to Monte Perdido to radiate Light, Peace and Love over humanity, mainly over Europe and Africa, and in this way, generate the change of consciousness so necessary in these moments of our human history.
Forecasts for the weekend indicated that it was going to rain, and even snow. Even so, a large group of people met in Ciudad Encantada to carry out this work and commitment to the plan.
Before meeting the entire group, since we had arrived early to the meeting, we went for a walk around the hostel. Without wanting to go anywhere in particular, we came across a rock formation quite close. When we got there, we felt that this was a good place to work. There was an intense energy that invited us to feel our first connection with Ciudad Encantada.
We spent the Friday collected in a room of the same hostel where we had stayed. There we were preparing to connect with our interior and in that way, facilitate the later contact with the brothers of the stars, as well as to carry out the subsequent works of energy anchoring with Monte Perdido and the activation of the energy codes of Ciudad Encantada and our codes personal.
Meanwhile, outside began to snow and a white blanket covered the whole place, preparing a beautiful stage for the meeting.
After a first contact and meditations, we went to dinner and then to rest. The weekend would bring us some surprise.
Saturday dawned snowing. After breakfast we continue with the work of harmonization and meditation in the hostel room. At noon time gave us a break and we decided that it was time to go outside to make contact with that rock formation. And that's where we made our first mantralization. If the place already had on its own a good energy to work, you can already imagine that it was to mantralize right there.
The room of the hostel did not offer us the necessary tranquility to perform mantralizations in it, although yes to do the meditations. The room was a continuous dining room to the main dining room and the kitchen of the restaurant, so there were continuously staff passing by and, so as not to interfere with their work, since they had facilitated us to be discreetly alone in the room, it was best not to to abuse.
As I counted, we went abroad. Arranged in a circle next to the rock formation in question, we began to mantralize. Little by little we were harmonized with the sound of the mamtra. It was then that it began to snow again, but... snowflakes were not falling as they had been before. I realized that the snow that was falling on us was forming hexagonal figures. The snow was crystallized and this is not usual.
The snow crystals always grow forming hexagonal figures. The forms are infinite, each crystal is unique, but the symmetry of all of them is the same, this is due to the way in which the oxygen and hydrogen atoms are linked to form water molecules and how these molecules are arranged with each other in solid ice and in snow crystals.
Seeing the snow in the form of flakes is the usual but crystallized... At the end of the mantralization I indicated to the whole group, that without moving abruptly, they opened their eyes and looked at their clothes. There were the crystals. There was this “energetic blessing”.
It was already time to eat and rest so we retired back to the hostel. In the afternoon we continued with the work inside the hostel, while the snow again covered the surroundings. After a mid-afternoon break, we made the decision to go back outside. It had stopped snowing again and we had to start preparing the place for the night out.
Together we went to walk through the countryside. Already leaving the hostel, we reached an esplanade that in our previous visit to Ciudad Encantada, we had taken as a point of reference for field work. There we went back into a circle and went on to explain what was the reason for the next contact experience.
I asked each of the participants to choose a place in the surrounding area and, in their solitude, to do a meditation on what they had lived up to that moment in Ciudad Encantada. That they allowed themselves to feel the environment, the air, the smells, that they would observe themselves, their reactions to that practice, and even that, by focusing on their eyes, they would be allowed to “see” other realities. While they were doing this practice I would remain attentive to each one of them, there in the esplanade.
It had been about ten minutes, when on one of the sides of the esplanade I saw a kind of column of light descend to earth and, a few moments later, the figure of someone with a considerable height that did not correspond to any of those present. In the area where this had just happened, I saw several of the companions wandering around, meditating.
When I picked up the group, I asked who had been there. Rosa and other group colleagues indicated that they had been in the area and commented that they had felt a presence. It was then that taking what happened as a reference, I decided that this place would be where at night we would again work with the brothers of the stars.
Upon arriving at the hostel, Rosa told me that while she was on her trip she called Antarel and felt that she was coming down, thanking us for the work we were doing both in Ciudad Encantada and in other places.
We already retired to rest a little. After dinner we had to return to the esplanade again. Not all, because there were those who did not feel coming back for different reasons.
We had agreed to leave the hostel later at ten o'clock at night to go to the esplanade. The dinner and talks lengthened. And it happened... Another of those “coincidences” that we live so long.
A few minutes passed at ten o'clock at night when the tourist complex went dark. We feel that the brothers of the stars claimed our presence. The employees did not know what the blackout was due to, but we did. They managed to reconnect the electricity but a few minutes later, since we still had not left for the appointment, he returned to stay in the dark again. It was the second time they called our attention. What a shame! After the “second warning” we went to the esplanade.
As in other meetings, we form groups to proceed with the experience. Two groups, this time of six and seven people, for group to group to go to the chosen place. While one group was going through the experience, the other would remain in the esplanade, mantralizing, supporting the experience of his companions.
I was going with the first group of six people to the marked place and, arranged in a very wide circle and giving us the backs, we also began to mantralize, in a free and personal way, to finish the mantralization at the moment that each one so feel.
Ciudad Encantada is in the Natural Park of the Serranía de Cuenca as I mentioned. It is common to see deer and other wild animals used to the presence of human beings. In the silence of the night it was possible for these animals to run into us.
Only a few minutes had gone by when I felt behind me a chime between metal and wood, a “tic, tic, tic, tic”. At that moment I thought it could be a deer coming up my back. I looked, but there was nothing there. I know that these things happen, so I continued in my state of relaxation, observing the environment and the group.
That sound played again, it was closer, but there was still nothing there. Suddenly it rang for the third time but now it was to my right, right next to my feet. I turned my gaze to where the sound came from. Nothing. I even checked that it was not something of my clothes that produced that sound. Nothing.
Whatever it was that produced that peal was moving more to my right, approaching one of the colleagues gathered there. And so, he kept moving towards the next one in the circle. Curious...
The time that had gone into the first experience passed and I gathered the group to go back to the esplanade and make the team change. We did not comment anything at that time so as not to alter the experience. Later we would talk about it.
With the second group I traveled the path that separated us from the esplanade to the place chosen for the experience. I put everyone in a circle again, but this time, as one more, I decided to place myself in the middle of the circle. After a few more minutes, the sound returned, “tic, tic, tic, tic”, this time around another of the classmates. It was evident that the sound produced “something or someone”, but could not visualize it.
I was sitting behind Rosa, behind her, who had arrived in the second group, when I realized that on her right, the path that followed the mountain seemed to light up subtly. I did not say anything, it was not the moment and I simply devoted myself to continue observing. It was then, after a couple of scant minutes that Rosa got up from her chair and went to that area more illuminated. Chance? I did not think. And I dedicated myself to continue observing.
Several minutes passed since Rosa had decided to take that road, while, felt that some beings moved inside the circle going from one to another. Not only could I perceive them, but when they came closer, the body temperature changed, as if someone was holding my hand or caressing my face. I was also immersed in a kind of energy dome that muffled the air around me and the sound.
Time passed and it was time to finish this second experience, when Rosa returned from her “walk” and sat back in her chair. A few minutes later, the experience was over. I met again the second group and we were heading to meet with the rest of our classmates. It was already late and we had to return to the hostel before the door to the building was closed. A walk to the hostel and each to your room to rest.
Sunday arrived with good weather. The sun, though timidly, peeked through the clouds. It was time to visit the site of Ciudad Encantada where we should still do some of the work that we had come for this weekend.
We were between the walk and the visit to such beautiful place doing various jobs, including opening energy Ciudad Encantada, activating the sleeping codes of this enclave, so that everyone who visits can connect to the network of light and love that we create. So that all who visit him take with him the seed of change and the transformation towards a new society.
We also energetically link this important enclave with Monte Perdido. Again, the energy would travel through the network of light and join these two energetic points, so that the Intraterrestrial Masters of the Great White Brotherhood of Monte Perdido use this place to empower and radiate the change of social and human paradigm, necessary for the formation of a new consciousness, capable of making the evolutionary leap that at this moment becomes precise.
Between work and work we discussed what happened the night before in the night out to the countryside. There were several of the group members who felt that peal, “tic, tic, tic, tic”, close to themselves. Others also felt that “heat” that eventually enveloped them, as well as the “empty bell” that was formed as well. Others, of the second group, perceived how the luminosity was increasing, just by the area where Rosa would have her personal experience.
Rosa told us that before the increase in luminosity occurred on her right, on the mountain path, she had received a communication from the Brothers of the Stars that said: “We are here, on top of you. Do you want to get on our ship?”. Rosa said “yes” without hesitation.
He felt an energy that stretched from her from the top of his head. Instantly he was in another place in front of three beings. One of them identified him as Antarel. They showed him in images what “already was of our world” and what together with thousands of people we are creating for our future. After this, Rosa was again incorporated into her body.
After a few minutes he felt in his mind: “Get up and go to your right”. Rosa hesitated for a moment and they repeated the same words again. After the insistence, Rosa got up from her chair and started to walk towards where they had asked (just the area with more light than we had perceived). Rosa advanced along the road about ten meters and stopped there.
A “being” manifested energetically in front of her and told her to extend her right hand, which she would feel. Instantly, Rosa felt warmth in her hand despite the cold she was doing. This presence indicated that he also extended his other hand and felt that he gave him two luminous objects, one in each hand. He felt like this being told him the importance of the work we have been doing, thanking us for it. That she incorporated both objects into her body, something Rosa did, feeling a great energy travel through her body. Both said goodbye but there would still be more.
Once back in her chair, Rosa received communication again. More places that we will have to connect energetically to Monte Perdido, in this work of light, peace and love that we have been carrying out and that in due time we will share with all of you.
After the tour of the Ciudad Encantada enclosure we met again next to the rock where it all began. The place that we felt would be important to carry out certain field work. There, to end the meeting, we irradiate our dear planet and all its inhabitants and beings, enveloping them in energy of unconditional love, also contributing our bit to all the work done over the weekend.
It was already time to finish in Meditation and Contact Meeting. Twinned by the experience of sharing this wonderful weekend and by living together these personal experiences with oneself, with nature and with the Brothers of the Stars, we met for the last time to share a good table and good company. When we finished, we each continued our own way back to our homes.
As it has been, each of us who participate, we take what we currently need to continue our personal journey. We will meet more times on the road, sharing, because this is just another step towards the state of inner peace that we are creating together.
A heart hug.

Diego Cintas and Rosa Gonzalez

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