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Telepathic messages received from star beings and intraterrestrials


Latest telepathic communications received over time. For twenty-one years we have been in contact with beings of the stars and intraterrestrial beings, which are physical beings like you and me. Also with other beings of light like our spiritual guides and other beings of the angelic realms. Receiving guidelines for an internal growth as human beings and to work for our beloved world, by and for humanity.

Spiritual Retreat Center - la casa del sol


Do you want to spend a few days in the middle of nature? To remember the power that is innate within you and for various reasons you have forgotten? Have you ever wished that time would slow down so much that you could catch it? Or that the world stopped rolling for a while so you could get off? Perhaps you would have liked to find more satisfaction in life? If so, it may be time for you to give yourself a spiritual retreat.


Below you will find a list of articles related to our work at La Casa del Sol, field trip and / or contact research, as well as other interesting topics about the Human Being.


Monte Perdido - Meditation and Contact Meeting

Message from Ivika: “The truth will bind you...”
We were once again gathered at the foot of Monte Perdido, the mountain of contact, a place where everything is possible.
For many months I had felt in my heart that the moment had come, that certain information should be given to all and to all. So I decided that during the course of this meeting I was going to tell that “truth” that burned me inside. It had been many months maturing the information, the moment and how to deliver that truth. I felt the weight of responsibility for the magnitude of this information, whether or not I counted it, it depended exclusively on me, because I felt the continuous support from our guides, but... that drink was going to be partly painful.
Since June he had begun to schedule this meeting. I had already made the decision to throw myself and tell the “truth”. There was no going back.
After scheduling the meeting and making it known to our contacts, I began to prepare the information, to structure it in a clear way to reach everyone, so that everyone understood the importance of this moment. A key moment for humanity, because the fruit of what we sow today is what we will collect in the future.


How to thank the opportunity that life offers us to experience love and peace through the heart. Together, create a new reality in the company of people committed to a new social and human paradigm.
Power once again, share these encounters with wonderful beings...
On Friday March 23 we arrived at Ciudad Encantada, located in the “Natural Park of the Serranía de Cuenca” (Spain), an ancient and magical energetic enclave, to connect with our inner world and the stars.