“Second Meeting with Ricardo González”

19th, 20th and 21st June, 2015


Results from the Second Meeting at Monte Perdido (Huesca, Spain) with Ricardo González - June, 2015

Monte Perdido - Second Meeting with Ricardo González - (Huesca - Spain) - 19<sup>th</sup>, 20<sup>th</sup> and 21<sup>st</sup> June, 2015 UFO photographed at Monte Perdido - Second Meeting with Ricardo González - (Huesca - Spain) - 19<sup>th</sup>, 20<sup>th</sup> and 21<sup>st</sup> June, 2015

Last 19th, 20th and 21st June, 2015, we met again at Monte Perdido, in the Pyrenees from Huesca (Spain) for a new meeting and workshop we had organized for Ricardo González.
This was the second open invitation we organized. Already last year 2014 it was a success and again this year 2015 we came back, more excited if possible, to gather at Monte Perdido, the mountain for the contacts.
Around 150 people arrived from different countries (United States, Argentina, Mexico, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and 25 Spanish provinces) and gathered at Monte Perdido. This time we had crossed borders and from the most diverse corners of our world we came together to show that peace can be reached from the heart.
The weekend followed among talks and meditations. The different subjects treated in this meeting were: “The peace message from the Intraterrestrial White Brotherhood”, “The new extraterrestrial agenda towards 2027”, “The role of the initiation centres, such as Monte Perdido, for the future”, “The secret legacy of Nicolas Roerich and the Peace Flag”. Highly important messages for the times we are living.
On Friday night we already had the first opportunity to share meditation works under a sea of stars. Some remote lights crossed the sky, possibly satellites. We had already checked in advance that neither the ISS (International Space Station) nor the Iridium Satellites were visible in that area at the times we would be meditating; nonetheless, other lights crossed the sky as a sign that the Brothers and Sisters from the Stars were there along the group, supporting our work. Some of the manifestations were undeniable. They were not terrestrial objects. The proximity, intensity, speed or even the maneuvers of those objects showed that the first contact had taking place.
On Saturday, morning and afternoon, we continued the talks and meditations. At sunset, we moved a few kilometers from our settlement to have again the opportunity to connect with the mountain, the cosmos and the Brothers and Sisters from the Stars.
Together in a big natural terrace shaping a circle, we started to sing mantras. In the sky we could see some illuminated objects we didn't consider important since their characteristics were similar to those of satellites.
I cannot say how long we had been singing mantras, rising our group and personal vibration, when the Brothers and Sisters from the Stars connected with Ricardo González. Right there and speaking loud and clear he transmitted the message from this being, telling us they were going to give us a present. Everyone standing up and with the palms of our hands to the sky we received this gift from the guides.
Some people could think it was all a sort of mentalism but right after receiving the gift the manifestations began, this time more powerful and clear than the day before. Some flashes and lights crossed the sky over us. Even some of those bright objects interacted with the astronomical lasers we were holding.
It was not a matter of faith; they were there. They showed themselves and even got into contact but always being respectful to each person. Seeing them at a distance was enough to live the experience and ascertain that they are always along our hearts and supporting humanity constantly.
They did not only show themselves in the sky.
After receiving this present, with a dark moon and the only light from the stars, we began walking in the surrounding area. Walking around, among the other colleagues in the group, we could perceive the presence of “human figures” among us. It seemed as if we had multiplied ourselves. This feeling was experienced by many of those gathered. The Guides had showed themselves, now on the earth.
It is impossible to describe it all. It must only be lived.
Already on Sunday morning, gathered again, we talked about what happened last night. How to express that so many and different people, with no connection among them, had lived the same experiences, feelings...
What the heart sees is what joins us for peace.
A hug from the heart.

Diego Cintas and Rosa Gonzalez

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