“Meditation and Contact Meeting”

11th, 12th and 13th September, 2015


Results of the Contact Meeting held in Monte Perdido (Huesca - Spain) - September 2015

Monte Perdido - Meditation and Contact Meeting - (Huesca - Spain) - 11<sup>th</sup>, 12<sup>th</sup> and 13<sup>th</sup> September, 2015 Monte Perdido - Meditation and Contact Meeting - (Huesca - Spain) - 11<sup>th</sup>, 12<sup>th</sup> and 13<sup>th</sup> September, 2015 UFOs photographed in Monte Perdido - Meditation and Contact Meeting - (Huesca - Spain) - 11<sup>th</sup>, 12<sup>th</sup> and 13<sup>th</sup> September, 2015

The main objective of the meeting was to connect with our inner world and harness the energies of Monte Perdido to continue working for the peace of humanity, and all of this took place.
Days before the meeting the guides had informed us that there would be an approaching experience on Saturday night. Other members of the group, upon arriving at the meeting, told us this same circumstance. So it was.
During one of the meditations on Friday afternoon the following message was received:

“Be welcome again to this shrine of light that is Monte Perdido. Throughout the weekend we will be working with you providing everything you need for your growth as human beings of light.
It is an honor to be able to connect with you here and now. Again the pact for peace is extended to all mankind. Do not forget what you came for, why you came to this earth, your world, that world of light, peace and love that you have still to discover.
You are the key that opens and closes the way. In your hearts is the infinite proof of love.
Your brothers of the stars will also be among you throughout the weekend.
Take advantage of the energy for the destiny for which it was created, to be life.
For all of you, Azuel.”

On Saturday night we went to the place agreed for that “date”. Seated in a circle as usual, we begin to mantralize to tune back to the energy of the place and raise the vibration of the group.
Soon the guides got in touch. A few drops of rain were falling and I felt I was holding the meeting. I trusted that it would not rain, having to leave, I sensed that the appointment was there, near us and that if we had patience the approach would be given.
It was late at night. A heavily clouded sky, when Iris, one of the members of the group, asked the guides mentally to see the stars, which are especially beautiful in that place; And so it happened. A clearing in the sky opened and through it we could see that sky full of stars. Perhaps some other star appeared in that celestial clearing.
We continued with the mantras and then I could see a red light moving several meters off the ground between the trees in the background. It was very little time, but that light could not correspond with flashlights or cars circulating in the distance. It was a curious thing.
The presence of the guides were increasingly intense between and around us. Some of us could feel them touching us and even as we were immersed in a kind of energy dome and how the temperature increased when the presences were very close.
The vibration of the group had gone up a lot when the guides again told me that all those who felt that way could get up from their seats and go for a walk around. Rosa had also felt like the guides told her that four people should get up and go for a walk.
So I told the rest of my companions and some of them got up and started their walk. For my part I stayed with the group sitting, saying mantras without stopping, to not lose the state of energy reached until I was told that I should get up and walk with my partners.
For that moment I did not know where my companions had gone, but a strong impulse told me that I should walk towards the mountain and enter the forest.
So I did, I got up and started my walk alone.
As I headed toward the place, “someone” came across me, about two feet away we passed each other. Without losing my pace, I watched the human figure, but in my thoughts I believed that it was one of my companions who had just risen to make his own walk and without giving more importance, I followed the way to the mountain and the forest.
A few meters ahead I felt the presence of a very tall being, to my right as I walked and stopped in front of the forest. They were them, so I headed for the trees that bordered in the forest in search of the encounter.
This being approached me. I could not see it yet, I just felt it, but its presence was very intense and this left me disjointed. I was not ready for that meeting and asked him mentally not to come any closer. I felt within myself a great emotion of this being towards me and how he understood and respected my decision.
I stood there for a few minutes in front of this being, until I decided to return to the group. I'd had enough tonight.
Coming back to the circle where the companions kept saying mantras, it began to rain more and more insistently, so we decided to end the experience. In unison the rest of the walkers came from different directions. Unable to comment, we went to rest.
The next morning we moved back to the place where we had been on Saturday night. It was there, in the light of day, that I recognized the place where the events mentioned above happened.
The place where I crossed with that “human figure” was not more than ten meters away from the group, so if a person in the rain had been walking among us he must have stumbled upon the group. No one saw anyone down the road. Perhaps because I thought that he was one of us with whom I crossed on the road, did not allow me to think on the guides at that moment as I headed for the mountain and the forest.
Recalling after the meeting I realized that this “human” was without an umbrella. It was already raining a lot and I was going with my umbrella. Who was? I do not know for sure, it was just a strange encounter. I do not know how it appeared there and I did not see where it went, but now, over time, I feel that the meeting really happened. They were there as we were told and they were seen in the distance as we were told.
Already during the meditation work on Saturday, the Star Guides and the Intraterrestrial Masters contacted again.

“Dear brother.
Just as you all felt we were among you. Everyone received or felt what was needed. Some of you noticed our presence in the group. Our support for the weekend's work was accurate. Everything happened and we even met again in Monte Perdido.
There was no closer approach because you were not sufficiently prepared, but the encounter will happen. Trust yourself, that's your best support stick. We will always be with you.
With LOVE, Antarel.”

- - - - - - - - - - - -

“All of you have come to this place, again reunited with a single intention, that of the heart that beats and loves.
The commitment remains in force, humanity is increasingly closer to their destiny.
Remember that everything was already created, that you should just keep walking in your light so at the end of the road we can soon meet.
Your server, Azuel.”

So that's what happened in this Meditation and Contact Meeting in Monte Perdido. I just want to thank all those who participated in this meeting, as well as the Brothers of the Stars and the Intraterrestrial Masters for their constant support to our work and humanity.
A heart hug.

Diego Cintas and Rosa Gonzalez

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