“Meditation and Contact Meeting”

23rd, 24th and 25th September 2016


Results of the Meditation and Contact Meeting in Monte Perdido (Huesca - Spain) - September 2016

Meditation and Contact Meeting held in Monte Perdido (Huesca - Spain) - 23<sup>rd</sup>, 24<sup>th</sup> and 25<sup>th</sup> September 2016 Meditation and Contact Meeting held in Monte Perdido (Huesca - Spain) - 23<sup>rd</sup>, 24<sup>th</sup> and 25<sup>th</sup> September 2016

I had been feeling for some months that this meeting was not going to be like the previous ones. The Star Beings with whom we maintain contact were interested in taking a step further in our relations with them, seeking a more direct contact with us, the humans, in this privileged enclave.
Meeting after meeting, the contact and the rapprochement of these beings to us is becoming more evident, closer. Dialoguing with these Brothers of the Stars, they communicated to us the need to contact the contact groups that we usually go to Monte Perdido, this being a first step for an open encounter with all those humans who are preparing for this circumstance, who have been making their way Interior, their growth as human beings free from mental ties.
As usual at these dates in September, the Pyrenees changes its climate, autumn is approaching and with it, the first rains of the season. Already on other occasions we had found in Monte Perdido an adverse climatology and this year was not going to be less. Knowing this, with the meteorological parts advanced to the dates of the meeting, we had reserved a room where we can meet the contact group in case of rain.
On Friday afternoon the bulk of the contact group arrived and as always, we prepare and harmonize physically, mentally and energetically, in order to achieve a better individual and group balance.
The day had been long for many. Professional work and travel to the north of Spain. In Monte Perdido we were waiting for the beings who live in this place, ready also to have a contact with us, to help us in our personal process, to be also part of this group delivered from the heart and committed to humanity.
After the work of relaxation and harmonization, we retired to rest. There was a lot to do the next day. The weather was going to accompany us and we had to take advantage of this circumstance to prepare for the night, at which point we had to make a practice of contact indicated by the Stars Beings.
At the agreed time we meet again to go to the right place to continue the work. Valle Pineta, with the majestic mountains that envelop it, was waiting for us. Meditations and mantras, would help us to continue raising our personal and group vibration, in a group delivered already from the first moment.
Some communications arrived already on the Saturday morning that we share next.

“The contact is being prepared ... At eleven be very attentive.
Thank you for your work. You are opening the dimensional door. Your enthusiasm, your dedication, your commitment to the work, is getting to you to reap the rewards.
We are helping you, assisting in your internal processes.
Many codes are opening up.
Release the past, the old programs are already changing.
A new life opens to all of you, a life based on unity with the All and Universal Love.
Take the leap, only you can do it. Before, yourselves have been building it.
The contact is going to take place, perhaps more personally.
Open yourself to feel and dedicate to enjoy.”

(Message from Inmaculada B.)

At noon we rest for food. By the recommendation of the Stars Beings we had to carry a light diet and we did. Everyone felt how they were and acted accordingly. This helped us for the work of the afternoon and the subsequent “encounter” that we would live at night during the practice of contact that we would make.
Already after the rest we resumed the work with new meditations and mantralizations. We also received some telepathic messages that we share next.

“Dear brother:
Tonight we will descend among you all.. Keep working. The level of commitment and dedication of your dear brothers and sisters is great. Take advantage of this circumstance and guide them tonight so those who have to cross the threshold between you and us can do it.
Everyone will feel our presence. Remember that each one lives his process of awakening in a different way, that each one has his time, his moment.
Support them all. Trust yourself. You are ready to meet the stars and thus understand that this time and space that we now share is the fruit of their work after long existences.
Remember, as we said, to explain what is the reason for our meeting, that Monte Perdido is the door to the stars.
Each of you will understand the truth, know how to recognize the path that must follow, that the only steps are those that have been walked.
Keep working. We are proud to be your brothers.”
With LOVE, Antarel.

(Message from Diego Cintas)

- - - - - - - - - - - -

“Welcome, brethren, to this place of retreat.
Monte Perdido is conducive to having a close encounter. Mantralise, meditate, achieve a high vibration so that we can meet tonight. We'll be right here in the woods. Come clean and without thoughts. Your souls are reaching a great magnitude.
Since always we have been waiting for you, feel each one within yourselves who you are. Humanity requires them awake so that they can carry all that power wherever it is needed. First be in contact with yourselves in order to to be in contact with us after.
Wherever you go, there we are. Wherever you are, draw your light, your strength, your wisdom.”
Azuel (Regent of Monte Perdido).

(Message from Rosa González)

- - - - - - - - - - - -

“The sun emits photonic energy that helps you to raise the vibration, along with the mantras helps you to get that vibration necessary to enter the interior and that the contact is given through Love.
You are weaving an interplanetary network.
Everything begins in nothing and will ends in nothingness.
Inside of you is Chintamani.
Inside of you is the truth.
Inside of you is the vehicle that will take you where you want to travel.
Inside you is the light, the peace.
Prepare the instincts to enter into timelessness, the encounter is already happening.
Antarel is with you all.
We are all part of the same, no matter where we are from, Sirius, Pleiades, Alpha Centaurus.
When you feel that you are only one, everything will be over, the veil will have been discovered and on another plane you will be already vibrating.”

(Message from Inmaculada B.)

The end of the day came and we went to rest for a couple of hours, before returning to the meeting point with the Star Beings and the Intraterrestrial Masters of the White Brotherhood.
Ten o'clock at night and again, the contact group went to the place where we had been quoted. Once we arrived at the esplanade where we had been working throughout the day, we sat back in a circle and resumed the mantras. The work that we had done all day was already felt there, but it does not end there.
It was almost eleven o'clock at night when we began to mantralize, and in a few minutes an intense light was plying the sky over our vertical, at low altitude. As they had indicated through communication, the Beings of the Stars became manifest.
We later verified that this light was not the ISS (International Space Station) or any other type of terrestrial object (Satellite). And it was corroborated. According to our computer programs, no visible objects were in the sky on that time.
After the first series of mantras, Ivika communicated to me that I should go alone to the place where the “encounter”. would take place. So I left the group to keep saying mantras and getting up from the chair I went to the place agreed.
As I approached I felt the presence of several beings in the surroundings until the end of the tour, Ivika, again addressed me. Giving me the last instructions for the contact practice told me to come back with the group and that when I felt it we could start the practice, that the place and they were already prepared.
So I did, and I indicated to the group that during the practice it was important to keep saying the mantras, to follow from a distance, energetically supporting the group that in each moment was living their personal experience. And so they did.
On few occasions I have seen so much enthusiasm, commitment and love in a contact group. What happened next was thanks to everyone.
In teams of seven I was taking the members of the group to the place of practice. There, each one sitting in his chair, with his back to the rest of his companions and separated by a prudential distance began saying mantras again. Each one until he felt should stop their mantras and remain silent, feeling and connecting with their interior, without expecting anything, not even the presence of the brothers of the stars.
In the meantime I would sit next to them, in that place, observing what was happening around, what was happening among the seven sitting there, what was happening ... One by one all the groups went by that place, having their personal experience , Which would later become a group experience.
The practice lasted for more than three hours, in which various events could be experienced, both in the group of seven as in the large support group. Each one lived their own experience, some very intense and revealing, exciting, enriching, and even touched very personal emotions from some of the components of the group. The energy flowed.
It was a personal emotion to be able to experience all those events in first person. By accompanying to all the participants I was able to experience my own contact with all the beings that were manifested during the practice. The Beings of the Stars manifested themselves in earth, as they had indicated us, beings of different heights and morphologies. So did the Intraterrestrial Masters of the White Brotherhood, as well as the guardians of the Inner-World, the Sunkies.
It was also possible to observe lights of different colors and sizes repeatedly moving around, among the trees (caneplas). And the usual energy dome that involved both the place of practice and the support group.
At the end of the practice we collected our tools and returned to our places of rest. Just at that moment the dome faded and we felt the feeling of the low temperatures that really were in that night in Monte Perdido.
AThe following morning, Sunday, we share the experiences lived during the practice. Many had the same experience, both with some and with other beings. Many also saw the caneplas orbiting around us. And something that was common to all was that sense of “timelessness” they had communicated to us.
The time elapsed did not correspond to the real time lived, since everyone felt that only a few minutes had passed since the beginning of contact practice until its completion. They controlled the time in the practice. Each time the exercise ended with the group they retired to give this way by the end of the practice. Actually each session lasted between fifteen and twenty minutes, alone in that chosen place, but they all had that feeling that they had just begun when the practice was over.
As I said, everyone lived their own experience, but all of them made us vibrate in tune with the place and between us.
At noon we did as usual a work of planetary irradiation for peace, by and for humanity, delivering all our love and the received from these beings, who over the weekend both brought us and both helped us to be tuned.
It has been a further step towards that desired encounter with humanity, this time in Monte Perdido, and we will continue working so that in our next encounter the reality of a world of peace will be closer.
A heart hug.

Diego Cintas and Rosa Gonzalez

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