“Contact Meeting”

20th and 21st September, 2014


Results of the Contact Meeting held in Monte Perdido (Huesca - Spain) - September 2014

Monte Perdido - Contact Meeting - (Huesca - Spain) - 20<sup>th</sup> and 21<sup>st</sup> September, 2014 Monte Perdido - Contact Meeting - (Huesca - Spain) - 20<sup>th</sup> and 21<sup>st</sup> September, 2014 Monte Perdido - Contact Meeting - (Huesca - Spain) - 20<sup>th</sup> and 21<sup>st</sup> September, 2014 Monte Perdido - Contact Meeting - (Huesca - Spain) - 20<sup>th</sup> and 21<sup>st</sup> September, 2014

“Meeting planning”

“A group of no more than seven will in the future have a close encounter in Monte Perdido. It will be an experience of projection, as an initial step. A cave, and a sign in the sky, will receive you when you all are ready.”

Message received by Ricardo González on 06/21/2014 in Monte Perdido.

On Sunday, June 22, I was about to leave home after the meeting of the weekend, an idea came to me, an uneasiness...
I felt the urge to ask a boy who was hanging around the campsite, about the caves that might exist in the Pineta Valley. It was a strange impulse in me, because it suddenly appeared and, without weighing the consequences of my actions, I went swiftly to speak with this person.
He told me that over the weekend he had several times the impulse to come and ask us about what we were doing those days there, that the subject of the UFOs somehow interested him. He told me that there were several caves in the valley and that if I wanted, he could indicate where them were. But that was not all...
Excited and with bristling skin, he told me an experience he had in the valley as a young man. He saw a great light cross the valley from side to side, and he was so impressed by that experience that he even called Madrid, the Meteorological Center, to get an explanation of what he had seen. Obviously he did not get a response from the authorities.
From then on he remembered this as if he lived it very recently, without yet finding a clarifying answer to what had happened.
Our eyes shone as he talked about what had happened. He reliving the experience and I realizing that this conversation was not accidental, that the impulse I had to talk to this person came from other planes and also... there was “cave” and “a sign in the sky.” Awesome.
I remember that during the whole trip back to La Casa del Sol we talked about nothing else, that conversation I had in the campsite, the excitement, and the confirmation of the message-quote that had been received the day before. This was a gift from heaven.
One week after the meeting, we received in meditation a new message regarding Monte Perdido:

“Beloved brother.
I am the Regent of the Intraterrestrial City of Monte Perdido. My name is Azuel. Know that for a long time we have been waiting for the encounter with you in these sacred lands. Now, having fulfilled the commitment to return, we began to become aware of your beings and activate in each and every one that came from the heart, those codes that have been dormant for so long.
Now you will begin to understand why this is your time, why you always felt this attachment to this place, to our world and the stars.
Soon we will meet again, not before September 21, when new tools will be activated after your meeting in the interior of Monte Perdido.”

We had already confirmed the first part of Ricardo's message, the cave and the signal in the sky. Now we had received a date for that date at Monte Perdido.
We contacted Ricardo González to bring him up to date. He on his behalf, confirmed the date, September 21, the same date that he had received for this new meeting, but for prudence he preferred to keep himself in order to be able to contrast, in this way, both his information and that which we could receive from us with respect to the appointment.
The first message spoke about a maximum of seven people for that meeting, but we in La Casa del Sol were only three, so we had to involve other people compromised in the process of consciousness awakening. Due to their proximity to Monte Perdido and their commitments to the process we are experiencing, it was decided to share this experience with other people from Barcelona and Zaragoza.
A few days later we returned to Monte Perdido to talk again with the person who knew the location of the valley caves. It was the time to walk to recognize the place where we would have the experience later. This is how we found the place, as we felt that the cave would be the meeting point with the Intraterrestrial Masters of the White Brotherhood of Monte Perdido.
We had already clarified the date and place of the meeting. Now we had to meet to plan the work that these days of September we should do in Monte Perdido.
On 16 August we met in Barcelona with Giovanna Rodríguez and part of her group to talk about the meeting and in meditation the following messages were received:

“Just be simple. You come to collect, not to deliver. Join Mount Shasta. Take advantage to continue working for peace. You will not be more than 60 minutes in the cave. It will be enough for us to give you the post.”

- - - - - - - - - - - -

“The manifestation in your hearts is broad. Keep working by and for humanity. In Monte Perdido you will do works for the peace and the good development of this one. Keep expanding your minds as you all have important developed capabilities. The plan must conform to what has already been agreed upon. Enlarge your minds and take that light that everyone has because you are all important to the plan. Stay together.”

A few days later we met in Zaragoza with the people who were going to participate in this meeting, Camino Buyó and Lola Conde, to whom we informed of everything that happened until that moment.
During the next days it were confirming the seven people who were going to enter the cave, as we were asked in communications, but the group became larger, always with people from Barcelona, Zaragoza and Huesca, so it was decided that the rest of the team would form an energy support group at a distance.
We just needed to prepare to live the experience on September 21, 2014 again in Monte Perdido.

“A planet called Peace”

We arrived the whole group at the meeting point at the Camping Pineta, at the agreed time and after the greetings, we shared table under the illuminated sky of the Pineta Valley.
The weekend that we had long waited with joy had come. Gathered around a long table we share the latest news and emotions of this meeting. Already at 17 hours we started with the work of harmonization, relaxation and meditation in order to couple our energies to the group and thus form a single experimental unit, a unity in love.
There were cows in the adjoining fields that made their bells ring when they bent down to eat grass.
In one of the meditations I felt like the bells seemed to sound differently, they seemed to sound no longer in a random, but rather harmonic, like producing a kind of music that reminded me of a concert of bowls. I turned around trying to see what was happening when I “saw” a few beings of short stature, pale skin and no apparent dress, sounding the cowbells like playing with them and creating a beautiful sound harmony. They were the guardians of the underworld in Monte Perdido. They are know as “Sunkies”.
The night was falling on us so we retired to rest to be as fresh the next day, the day of the appointment with the Underground Masters of the White Brotherhood of Monte Perdido, the moment we all expected.
Early on the morning of the 21st, we moved back to the meeting point in the valley, to continue the work commissioned by the extraterrestrial guides. There together, after a work of sowing crystals all over the world, we decreed from that moment on to have a planet in peace, and that was how it came about... “a planet called Peace”.
Even now I still feel an intense inner emotion when I remember that moment and the phrase that from that moment is already part of my world, my being, my way.
After a new meditation we received the following:

“Before coming, a light was lit, before leaving, a sun would shine. Keep working together in love. We are thrilled to see the commitment you have made to the world and with the plan you have reached. A goal is an end. The work does not end here. Keep on unity radiating Peace and Love to the world, to your new world called PEACE.
With LOVE, Antarel.”

- - - - - - - - - - - -

“Beloved all, feel one with the whole. Stay united so in this way you will find what you are looking for, Peace. The Light in your hearts is broad. Transform it into Golden Light. These days we will be with you at all times, in body, mind and heart. Honor you all and honor all humans. In them you will find yourselves.”

At noon we retired to rest and meditate on what awaited us, the appointment of the cave that we would have at dusk. We left the campsite in the afternoon to the place where the cave was and there, we organized as we had agreed in previous meetings.
At the entrance to the cave, as we formed a mantra with the terminations of our cosmic names, there were two approaches of the extraterrestrial guides starships over our location. They were already accompanying us in the experience.
We entered the cave and settled. Meanwhile, the support group began their irradiation work at a distance. We were saying the mantra of cosmic names among others. The cave was completely dark and we only felt our voices in the depth of it.
We had spent about 60 minutes in the cave meditating when I felt the urge to see the time. The time had come to an end and we were to withdraw from the cave as we had been told.
No one wanted to stand up from their chairs. The feeling of the seven who were there gathered in the interior of the mountain was peace, tranquility, harmony... and we discussed the experience there.
It was an initiation that we live more than a contact encounter. An initiation inside the cave by the Intraterrestrial Masters where we somehow face our fears, darkness and loneliness. A unique experience from each of the seven who share this journey to the inner world of Monte Perdido.
Personally it was a strange feeling that I lived in that place. Never before had I lived an experience in this way, even still remains... strange is the best word to describe it.
The first thing I felt was how the guardians of the Inner-World closed the cave energetically, like setting a door in the cave. I felt that in this way we were isolated from the surface world.
Between each mantra, in meditation and with eyes open, I could contemplate a kind of lights, somehow like a portal, that allowed me to see parts of the inner world of Monte Perdido, its relation to the ancient world of Atlantis, and even I came to glimpse the face of whom I felt should be the regent of the intrastate city of Monte Perdido, with whom he had previously communicated.
Continuously the guardians were with us until finalizing the experience. They came and went around us like organizing, directing our experience and our physical, astral and mental energy.
Before leaving the cave we received a new message:

“The seven will meet again. Another group of seven people will join the experience.”

This has yet to be confirmed, as well as knowing a proven date for this new meeting. So we will keep you informed.
A heart hug.

Diego Cintas and Rosa Gonzalez

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