“Meditation and Contact Meeting”

12th, 13th and 14th May, 2017


Results of the Meditation and Contact Meeting held in Toubkal (Morocco) - May 2017

Toubkal (Morocco) - Meditation and Contact Meeting - 12<sup>th</sup>, 13<sup>th</sup> and 14<sup>th</sup> May, 2017 UFO photographed in Toubkal (Morocco) - Meditation and Contact Meeting - 12<sup>th</sup>, 13<sup>th</sup> and 14<sup>th</sup> May, 2017 UFO photographed in Toubkal (Morocco) - Meditation and Contact Meeting - 12<sup>th</sup>, 13<sup>th</sup> and 14<sup>th</sup> May, 2017

A few months ago we could not imagine the scale that this trip we made in November 2015 could have in our lives. We had gone to visit the mountain of Torcal de Antequera in Malaga (Spain), to connect in situ with the place, because for the days 18th, 19th and 20th of March 2016 we had an invitation from Azuel, Regent of the inner city of Monte Perdido, to connect this magical place with Monte Perdido and thus, to extend the network of light that in third dimension we are forming under indications of the Star Beings and the Intraterrestrial Masters of the Great White Brotherhood.
The Intraterrestrial Masters of Monte Perdido are using the energy of these places of power that we are energetically linking to radiate a thought from them, sowing a feeling of peace and unity in the hearts of all humanity.
It was in the Torcal de Antequera that we received news about a new trip, this time to Africa.

“...As has been shown, Torcal has a twin at North Africa, in Moroccan territory. Both places tend a bridge of light from Europe to Africa.
The Mediterranean, a meeting point for so many cultures over millennia, will once again play an important role in the resurgence of the bonds of love between Europe and Africa.
Spain, at the head of that European change, will tend a bond of light, peace and love for Africa. There it will begin to join North and South.
Always with you, Azuel.”

Surprise!... Africa? Morocco? Ufff...
After receiving such a huge task, we evidently had to corroborate the information received, as well as the place where we should make this new anchorage.
Once completed the process and corroborated the information through different channels, we open the call to participate in this new meeting. Soon several people began to be interested and so, the contact group was formed that we would go to Morocco to carry out the requested work.
Finding a place to stay, transport to Imlil -the nearest town to Toubkal- passports and other paperwork, took some time. It was not easy for us to go to an unknown place, with an unknown culture and a language different from ours. Besides, all we had was the confidence that we would always be watched and guided by our friends of the stars.
Early on the morning of May 12th we took a flight from Barcelona to Marrakech. We were on this flight seven of the members of the group. Three girls had left for Imlil a few days earlier to take advantage of the trip and visit Marrakech. It was a good opportunity.
We crossed the Mediterranean to African lands. An experience that I will never forget. My first intercontinental flight. Who was going to say to me?
Arriving at Marrakech Airport we had our first experience. At the very exit of the building some taxi drivers were waiting for us, by the way, very kind, who picked up our luggage and loaded it into the vehicles. We got into the taxis and started our stay in Morocco.
While we were crossing the city, we saw a new way of driving. This is only seen in documentaries. Each one circulated wherever he wanted, without stops, without traffic lights... It almost seemed like a fast-paced funny movie.
The first reaction was almost instinctive: commend ourselves to God so that the entire trip to the hotel goes smoothly. But something began to change us and we began to feel calm on that circumstance. I do not know if it was the energy of our caretakers or if it was the energy of the place, but the journey began to be pleasant inside us. Without fears.
Once we arrived at the hotel in Imlil, the employees rushed to greet us and without time to settle in, they offered us a warm but refreshing infusion. It was our first foray into the lives of those so kind people...
We met at the hotel the ten participants of this contact trip. A very special contact that we would live those days in the Toubkal.
That afternoon, walking around the town, we discovered a place, secluded and discreet, where later we would make our first exercise of connection with the energy of those mountains. Two lush, large trees and giant trunks kept the place as two true guardians or teachers.
It was in this same place, on the outskirts of the village of Imlil, where I received a first communication and indications for a work to be done the following day:

“...The Ancient Guardians of the Atlas welcomed us.
...They told me that the eight women who were part of the group had been Lemurian and that we would do a job with them.
...Also that in the final times of Atlantis, the peak of the Toubkal (now 4167 masl) sank in the sea (it was the only thing that existed of the Atlas) because of tectonic movements. This caused, by pressure, that the mountain range of the Atlas arose from below the sea. (As we ascend to Toubkal we find that the whole mountain and surrounding area is made up of a conglomerate of marine fossils. Malachite also abounds).
...It is reported that in Atlantean times, from the Toubkal mountain, it was possible to reach Atlantis, through physical tunnels and that these, when the place was buried, were buried under the current levels and the base of the mountain.
...We are asked to do a job the next day (May/13) with the Lemurian women, the 8 who had met there. By forming an 8-pointed star, looking at the 8 cardinal directions (N, S, E, W, etc.), we had to formulate a kind of decree to reopen again (in an energetic way) those gates.”

After the connection, group dinner. The Berbers, inhabitants of the Atlas Mountains, have a very exquisite and new traditional cuisine for the occidental palates, which of course we enjoy among good company. The day had been long and intense and after dinner we went to rest. There was still time to live the experience.
The following morning, after breakfast, we entered into the valley of Imlil in the direction of the Toubkal. We had never been there and only had Google images of the area. Asking the inhabitants of the place, we found the way that went to the interior of the valley and we set off.
The valley of Imlil is crossed by the river of the same name. Abundant crystalline waters run through the valley, nourishing the banks of the river, as well as the adjacent slopes of the valley.
In our ascension we could appreciate how water is so important for these Berber peoples. A land practically without vegetation, except the banks of the river, used for cultures mainly of walnut and cherry trees, but at the same time so rich in the liquid element.
We were surprised as the water, so plentiful, flowed everywhere. Throughout the tour we did, we went skirting irrigation channels, a real engineering, as it always was, a town that knows how to take advantage of the water.
As we walked through the valley, between canals and on a small esplanade, an offering was made to Mother Earth. There, very close to the path of ascension, we connected, while native and foreigners looked at us with some curiosity.
It was almost noon when we decided to stop to eat something. A very cozy place, in the shade of walnuts, with an exquisite meal and an unbeatable service. All the way up to the Toubkal were small stands or constructions, very simple, where the traveler could stop to rest, to have some tea or to eat. After the pause in the road and after we rested we continued the trip.
As the valley grew ever narrower and more elevated, we continued to ascend until we reached the last village, Aroumd, and we sought a place near the river to be able to continue the work we had been entrusted with.
At the bottom of the valley, the Toubkal peak and a wide valley opened from this place to the very foothills of the mountains, a valley crossed by the river Imlil that shared the waters of the Atlas mountains with the inhabitants of the valley.
There we connect with the heart of Gaia and with the stars, forming a pillar of light, uniting in this way, earth and sky. We also did a new meditation, connecting with the Beings of the Stars to know if there were new indications.
Then we received the following:

“Dear brothers and sisters
We see with pride the path that you have traveled to here. The commitment is personal and each of you must decide what future you want to live.
Life is the mirror that has been placed in front of you to remind you who you are and where you have come from, what was the way you traveled to get here today.
We love you as we love ourselves.
Each of you is part of a multiverse full of possibilities. Some of these possibilities were already created a long time ago. Now the committed ones arrived and will come to make a change again.
It seems to you that your work is minimal day by day. In your regret we tell them that this is not so. Do not demand more than you can do. Even grain to grain a new world can be created.
Allow yourselves to flow in time, there we will meet.
With LOVE, Antarel.”

(Message from Diego Cintas)

After this connection we continued walking towards the Toubkal. The afternoon was coming and the hours passed quickly.
We arrived at what appeared to be a new settlement, four houses along the road and the river. I felt that it was there where the work that the day before had received from the Guardians of the Atlas had to be done.
We arranged ourselves as we were told, forming an eight-pointed star, linking the energy of the star to the eight terrestrial directions (N, S, E, W, NE, etc.). And so, the eight girls in the group decreed the keywords that had been indicated to us, and the boys ours, closing the decree. Meanwhile, we visualized that the tunnels that started from the mountain of the Toubkal began to open energetically and how the guardians of these places came to us.
We felt that something had happened because the energy changed. I do not know very well if it was our work or the guards of the place but there the work was done.
Then we set out to do a silent meditation. Each of the members of the group went where he or she felt to connect with the energy and silence of the place. Silence that was interrupted by the prayers coming from the minarets of the mosques, but that helped to connect us even more with the energy of the place.
During the silent meditation I received another communication:

“Again you have come back here to connect with your future. The codes that you will leave in this place are part of your past.
Like a spiral, we move through this new time, balancing between past and future we will create together a new present, present that will serve to return to the past-future.
Collect the instructions today to work with them and sow them tomorrow during the work of planetary irradiation.
What was-will be a new world where the strength of the heart will twin you in a new stage.
We share time, not space and each one, from the center of your being will be activator of the changes that between all, you and we, we want for the good of humanity.
Tomorrow the sun will bright again. A light that will shine on the horizon will illuminate the way back home.
With LOVE, Ivika.”

(Message from Diego Cintas)

After the silent meditation we shared what happened there and throughout the day. And we went back to Imlil again, but there was still something to do that afternoon.
Ivika had shown me during her communication that we should carry out the work of activating personal codes on our return. The road wound up the mountain, a mountain of malachite and marine fossils everywhere. There appeared the ideal place to do this work.
Placed all palms to the mountain we connected with the place. We saw open the energy tunnels with which we had previously worked. The Atlas Guardians, Toubkal's Intraterrain Masters, came out to meet us and from the heart we let our personal codes flow, the old codes we had brought to deposit there.
To the delivery of our codes, we received from the teachers new codes activated for our personal path, which will help us to understand and act correctly in our way as humans, in this our time, and share that new energy wherever we go.
Having already completed the work indicated and with the long day and road, we headed to Imlil. It was time to rest because the next day we still had to meet the main objective of our visit to Morocco.
After dinner, we met again to connect this time with the intra-terrestrial world of the Toubkal, with those beings who received us in the afternoon work and with them, to be able to travel these interior ways, allowing them to guide us where it was necessary for our personal development.
Each one “traveled” through these tunnels accompanied by our personal guide. Each one lived his own experience, an experience that later we would share reunited all together and that would show us the similarities of the lived and seen there, inside the mountains.
Sunday came and three of the girls who formed the group had to go to Spain. After the farewell we set off again towards the Toubkal.
The previous day we had seen different vehicles arriving beyond Aroumd, the place where we did some of the work through an unpaved road. The night before we talked to the hotel staff where we were staying and requested a shuttle, to avoid us again the hard hike, to the point where we had arrived on Saturday. We wanted to get closer to Toubkal. Halfway to the top was a kind of “mosque” that caught our attention and we felt we had to climb up there.
The hotel staff looked for a shuttle to make this trip. An old Mercedes Benz served as a taxi and the remaining seven of the group, along with the driver, departed towards our destination at the agreed time. The taxi driver, very friendly, took us to the end of the “unpaved road”. Once there we start again to walk the ascension road to Toubkal where we left it the previous day.
At this point I would like to highlight one of the aspects of the life of the people (Berbers) who live in these mountains.
Morocco is a country that is growing, both economically and socially. But as everywhere, the populations farthest from capitals are always the last to enjoy the advances and comforts of the big city.
In these lands we find that the almost unique or best means of transport is the donkey or the mule. Virtually no roads exist when you enter the high mountain and can only make these roads walking or using the force of the animals.
The Berber people, or as they like to call themselves “Free Men”, is a nomadic people that has gradually adapted to the sedentary lifestyle. A mainly livestock people that moved by their territories in search of food for their animals. That is why the use of mules to transport food and other things from one place to another becomes so important and without which, this people could not have lived there.
Donkeys and mules for everything. The road from Imlil to the mountain refuge of the Toubkal is a continuous coming and going of these animals with their owners, who offer you to ride on their backs and take you at a cost, to walk the path that climbs up the mountains.
Imlil is a village that has adapted to high mountain tourism. Practically the tourism that arrives there is foreign and with an intention, to go to the top of Toubkal, the highest mountain of the High Atlas.
Imlil and its surroundings grow thanks to tourism and Toubkal, but there is also on the slope of the mountain a place of pilgrimage for Muslims. Definitely a very special place, a great inner strength and a history yet to be discovered.
Finishing this parenthesis and resuming the thread of our journey...
We began to ascend, as I said, to the Toubkal. We had the idea that we could get to the pilgrimage center and return, before the agreed time with the taxi driver to pick us up and take us back to Imlil. It was not so. We had left the hotel late and the road was very long and difficult.
As we went up and seeing the time, at noon, we decided to do the remaining work on one side of the road, in a very small esplanade where we could fit the remaining seven of the group, and although something inclined by the side of the mountain, we settled, and in front of those beautiful mountains we finally did our job.
Reconnecting with the energy of the place, with Gaia and the stars, we began the energetic work of linking Toubkal with the Torcal de Antequera (Málaga - Spain), using as usual pyramids of light, to end linking Torcal and Monte again Lost, just as we were told.
The energy of the valley was felt to ascend and taking advantage of this we realize the work of planetary irradiation, enveloping the world and all its inhabitants in light, peace and love. Sowing in their hearts a seed that will germinate to be a new humanity.
The works were already finished and part of the group decided to continue ascending to the place of pilgrimage. Two of us, given the hardness of the ascension road, decided to go down to the valley to wait for the taxi that came to pick us up.
During the way of ascension to the Toubkal and during the works we felt the presence of the Beings of the Stars, who allowed us to photograph them in a couple of occasions. It was the continuous support of the light that facilitated the ascent and the walk under the sun to those heights. We feel that they were continually giving us their support and strength to go up there and for that, we will always be grateful to them.
Back at the hotel we began to prepare our bags, because the next day we had to leave at dawn towards Marrakech, where we would catch a flight back to Spain. We dined and spent some time relaxing to see the stars of that African sky, because until that night the sky remained covered with clouds. It was a great close sharing under the stars.
The next morning, at dawn, while we waited for the taxis that were to take us to the airport, a bright light crossed the sky across Imlil. It was a surprise to see our arrival home, that the light was the reflection of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). We had never seen him before.
Without being a light coming from our friends of the stars, it was curious that we saw that light at that precise moment. Perhaps it was prepared, calculated the moment, in order to have that surprise in the skies of Morocco. Who knows?
It has not been one more trip, one more work of so many that to date we have been realizing. Toubkal and that place has something that connects you. An inner strength he had never felt in any other enclave, except at Monte Perdido. The people who live in this wonderful place were very friendly and attentive at all times with us, Westerners. Nothing was noticed what they show us in the media. An open and hospitable village. Always with a smile on their face and willing to share what they have. An example.
It is for this reason that I felt for the first time, to communicate to the hotel management what had been the reason for our visit. Not the ascension of the Toubkal, but to link with light and love Spain and Morocco, Europe and Africa, North and South.
Those words moved the good man and the rest of the group. We all feel in communion with those people and with the place, that is why we feel that we will return there again, to continue connecting our interior with the wisdom saved from time immemorial in the genetics of that Berber race and in those ancient mountains.
A heart hug.

Diego Cintas and Rosa Gonzalez

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